Hostal El Momento

A big thank you and our progression so far.

Its been a very successful two and quarter months since we opened on the 20th of December 2011 and we have to thank all those that have left comments on Trip Advisor and Hostel World plus those that have handed out our flyers in other countries like El Salvador,Honduras and Guatemala and throughout Nicaragua to places like Ometepe,Leon and San Juan Del Sur. A special thanks also to those that have been recommending us as they have traveled on their journeys,met friends along the way and passed on their experience at Hostal El Momento.
Some of the stats we have already are remarkable and we are overjoyed that so many have come here and so we wanted to share with you some of the information we have accumulated so far.
1145 guests from 32 countries.
Europe- Denmark,Belgium,Holland,England,Ireland,Spain,Portugal,Italy,Hungry,Norway,France,Germany,Switzerland.
Asia- Japan,Mongolia,Malaysia
Latin America- Nicaragua,Costa Rica,Colombia,Argentina,Guatamala,Mexico,Chile,San Salvador,Guyana
Americas- USA,Canada
Caribbean- Jamaica,
Pacific-Australia,New Zealand
Middle East- Israel
The first 2 full months we have been open for 2012 have brought us in 97.67% and 98.62% room occupancy respectively and guest occupancy at 65.11% and 85.45% respectively.
With this information above and as we try to inform future guests with our twitter feed, that it is so important to try and book ahead as we do fill up quickly. If you know your dates then let us know and if you change your mind for the dates or want extra days then let us know ahead of time as soon as possible.
Granada is somewhere people always spend more time than they expect and after some long or stressful journeys it is somewhere you can relax,take in the lakes nearby or just enjoy the bars and restaurants on Calzalda St.
So a BIG THANK YOU AGAIN and for those who have not visited yet contact us as soon as possible so that we can accommodate you.
Chris,Maria and the team.