Hostal El Momento

How long in Granada.

So how long are you planning to spend in Granada, it may just may be possible that it will not be long enough for some and you may also end up returning, it will all depend on your research and where you end up staying.
 One of the reasons we opened up a hostel in the city was because we could see that the area has alot to offer and it is one of the places where many feel comfortable especially after coming from El Salvador, Honduras etc were travel can be a little more stressful. So where to visist is a question we obviously get asked many times, ‘The City itself is joy to walk around,especially for those that like Colonial cities and for those that enjoy photography with the brightly painted buildings and the old churches. You can view the city from the bell tower at Guadalope Church or visit the Isletas from between 1-3 hours,the costs depending on how many people in the boat, there is also a new tour in town which involves a boat,bus and walking tour.
Out of town you can visit Mombacho either with a tour or head out on your own and get transport to the top once you get over there, there are a few different treks can you can do also depending on your experiance.
Lago de Apoyo is day or a whole day visit worth doing as it is the cleanest lake in the country and surprisingly warm, you can take a transfer from either Monkey or Oasis hostels which leave in the morning and come back about 4pm.
When Volcan de Masaya is not blowing off some steam then the park can visited again either independently or with a tour, the tour would include Masaya market which is also another day out if you are spending more time in Granada. Masaya has 2 markets the old and the new, one more touristy but it has plenty of things to offer but you may need to visit the post office after.
Another great area is Catarina which also has a market and will show you how Nicas live in a smaller town, there is also fantastic views over looking Lago de Apoyo with Mombacho to the left and then in the distance Granada and Lake Nicaragua,bring a camera.
We have many guests that go to either Ometepe or to San Juan Del Sur then return to us before heading out to another country like Honduras or Costa Rica as they would rather spend their last days with us than in Managua waiting for Ticabus or Transnica.
So there it is and with Granada also offering swimming pools,good food and bars to party until you drop there is no reason for you not to want to spend extra time here and with the extra incentive of staying at Hostal El Momento with comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price !
One extra note,Granada is not for everyone as some backpackers are looking for a different experience and at lower coasts, as with most cities around the world it does have beggars and as I have posted another blog mentioning that Granada hopes to get World Heritage Site in a few years which has led to the government being stricter here on taxes than other parts of the country. 
Hope the majority of you get to enjoy ‘Beautiful Granada’.