Hostal El Momento

Bed and Breakfast rate.

From January 2017 we started to offer bed and breakfast rates for only a fraction more than room only rates.

We wanted to offer a little more for the guest, it was not area we had received comments either in reviews or by mouth, only a very small percentage had commented on this over the last 5 years asking us to include breakfast.

So for only $1 more we offer either a Nicaraguan breakfast or continental, both coming with either tea, coffee or juice.

Gallo pinto is the local breakfast which is very popular in Costa Rica also,a dish consisting of rice and beans,onion, green peppers served with toast and scrambled eggs.

Whether you are in Leon,San Juan Del Sur, Ometepe you will find locals eating Gallo Pinto sometimes for lunch and dinner. It is actually a very hearty breakfast and gives you a good start to the day.

The continental is local fruit, usually what is in season like pineapple, papaya and banana or mango with toast included.

You will not find anywhere in the city, street food included offering this price for a breakfast, it is a steal.

We decided to offer this on top of room rate so guests could actually choose if they wanted breakfast or not as not everyone eats breakfast and someone prefer other options.

NOTE* Many hotels do not offer an option, for guests who have a few nights with us we can change this about a little and offer fried eggs with the Gallo Pinto or eggs on toast.