Hostal El Momento

New small dorm and more bathrooms !

We recently added a small dorm to the hostel which has the same prices as the large dorm,$8 per night- bed only or $9 with breakfast.

The small dorm pictured here only has 4 beds, newly tiled and painted with new beds and mattresses.

Unfortunately we do not take reservations for which dorm or beds guests have a preference. If we have space and guests want an extra night then 98% of the time we can usually give them the same bed, taking reservations for beds makes it very complicated and unfair for the current guests, there would be too many complaints.

As we now have a new area for the dorm we have also built another bathroom and a separate shower.

When we first opened we found we did not have enough bathrooms so we built an extra one then later we put in another. We now have a total of 6 bathrooms, 4 with showers and a separate shower giving us enough to cope with the busiest hour in the mornings from 8am-9am.

We quickly found out that complaints can come in about the amount of bathrooms and wanted to change this, we know that other hotels/hostels who have a shortage of bathrooms so be aware of this when making bookings.