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Upgrade of the hostel and wesbite.

Update for 2017, tourism and Zika.

The high season in Granada and Nicaragua has come to a close but many tourists are not aware that July and August are 2 months that usually sees another surge for tourism in the country and they can usually miss out staying at their favorite or best hostel in Granada as they could be booked out.
There has been a small drop in tourism the last year due to elections both in the USA and in Nicaragua plus the Zika scare has also put off some tourists coming to this part of the world.
Central and South America plus the Caribbean did see a drop with tourists starting in 2016 and has continued into 2017 with a more noticeable drop of American tourists, whether it was the media or CDC  having an affect we are not sure but this has been discussed amongst some hotel owners with the country.
Zika just like Dengue and Chikungunya  is spread by the same type of mosquito, the symptoms can be all very similar with headaches, nausea and muscle pain although I have heard from some that have had Zika that the symptoms are not as bad and can disappear within a few days, this can depend on the persons age and health at the time. The exception of Zika is that it can affect pregnant women and their babies which is understandable for this particular group to not want to travel but we have found in the last year that Zika has not gotten out of control and Nicaragua has not had that many cases, in fact Dengue is still the disease locals prefer not to get.

Nicaraguan health departments do keep on top of controlling mosquitoes by spraying different areas within each city and department and repeating the process throughout rainy season. Businesses also have to have a 3 month check and get all areas sprayed and this is by law, with these in place Nicaragua does its very best as they know the health of tourists is important and it is a shame the CDC are not aware of this as they can scare tourists from traveling.

As there are many new hotels/hostels opening up in the city of Granada we have made changes and as always we try to upgrade the rooms and bathrooms either re-tiling or painting and adding new artwork, we still want to be one of the best hostels in Granada and Nicaragua.  New hotels/hostels is more competition for businesses and good as long as tourism numbers keep going up but is always good for the tourist as they have more options and possibly cheaper prices because of it.

Granada is one of the cities you can spend a few days, Las Isletas, Mombacho and Masaya volcanoes, Masaya market, Zip Lining are just a few attractions you can see, click here for more information for all the attractions we can help you with in Granada.

Outside view

Local Nicaraguan Food.

Local Food.


A medium sized tortilla topped with molten cheese, pickled sliced onions, sour cream, rolled into the shape of a burrito. Very convenient for eating on the run. It has become a staple of the Nicaraguan cuisine (although it may have its roots elsewhere).


The local take on the traditional Latin America Tamale. It’s big. It’s tasty! It’s made of corn flour, and filled up with as many as 20 ingredients, which may include: pork, chicken, peas, carrots, onions, peppermint, sour orange, peppers, and many others. This is one of the meals that is cooked in banana leaves. An average  may have 1000 calories. It is a very popular dish in Nicaraguan cuisine.

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