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Mombacho Volcano

Mombacho Volcano
Over Looking  Granada like a towering monster and only 10km from the city it is another of the many volcanos you visit in Nicaragua.
You can do this tour on your own (prices below) or with a tour company. The volcano has cloud forests that occupies the sides and top. There are coffee plantations and spectacular views.
It has 4 craters some which you can walk around and there is plenty of flora and fauna to see inluding monkeys, reptiles, birds etc

You can take a bus from the Rivas bus station and ask them to let you off at the entrance.
Adults – $5 enter walking or $20 with transportation to the top
El Cráter trail– 2 hr 30 mins no charge
El Puma Trail-4 hours – You need to have a guide, cost is  $22 1-7 persons

Truck schedule
Monday to Wednesday
8.30am up       ✶✶✶        11.30am down
10.30am up     ✶✶✶        1.30pm down
1.00pm up       ✶✶✶        4.00pm down

Thursday to Sunday
8.30am up       ✶✶✶        11.30am down
10.00am up     ✶✶✶        1.30pm down
1.00pm up       ✶✶✶        4.00pm down
**Note El Puma trail cannot be visited from the 1:00pm schedule of the truck.