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Nightlife and Restaurants.

Restaurants, bars and music.

There are restaurants situated all over the city but the main area is La Calzada and the streets either. This is very easy to find as it is the street next the main Cathedral in the Parque Central.

Some recommended restaurants for different budgets are :-
Cafe de los Suenos $$   ✼✼✼    La Calzalda 3½ blocks from the Cathedral   ✼✼✼    Beautifully decorated, great for lunch or dinner, excellent food.
El Tercer Ojo $$$        ✼✼✼     La Calzalda      ✼✼✼     Another wonderful setting with anything from sushi to pasta.
Monna Lisa  $$$        ✼✼✼    La Calzalda   ✼✼✼  Great pizzas and freshmade pasta
Curry House $$          ✼✼✼    La Calzalda   ✼✼✼    If you dying for some Indian food this is it, great service, you could be in India.
Garden Cafe  $$        ✼✼✼    Calle la Libertad   ✼✼✼    Very popular, salads and sandwiches as well as evening meals.
El Camillo   $           ✼✼✼      Calle el Camillo   ✼✼✼     Middle Eastern food, great value and tasty.
El Pizzaiol    $$       ✼✼✼     Between Calles Libertad and Calzada    ✼✼✼  Excellent pizza & Kebabs
Ciudad Lounge  $$$$   ✼✼✼   3 blocks south Parque Central    ✼✼✼  Upmarket excellent,freshy prepared food.

Most of the bars and clubs are located in the same area of Granada.Some you may like to try are :-

O’sheas Irish Bar      ✼✼✼    La Calzalda      ✼✼✼        Also serves food, very popular.
Kelly’s Bar          ✼✼✼    1 block south La Calzalda
Margarita Bar and Grill      ✼✼✼      La Calzada

Encuentros Club   ✼✼✼     La Calzalda       ✼✼✼     Latin and Electronic music in the evenings, beautifully decorated and great vibe with a touch of Miami Beach feel about it.