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Occupancy, reservations and Lonely Planet.

image-18We are now 3½ years into being open and very thankful that in that time we have kept busy from the first month open until now,only 1 month is low for the private rooms which is October but only twice have we dropped to below 90%. For the year the dorm averages at about 85%-94% with June,September and October being slower.

I have written articles before on reservations in Granada, this is more of an update for those that are thinking of coming to our hostel and some of the feedback and experience we have had and the reason for the numbers above.

The website is kept pretty much up to date, we did receive a comment from a walk-in guest who could not stay with us due to us being full and who thought we had just blocked off rooms on our website to increase walk-in guests which is not true. Our booking system and calendar is there so we do not waste guests time who want to make a booking for certain dates or so guests can arrange their dates with us.

So for those who do not want to make a reservation in a private room thinking they will get one walking in there a very good chance this will be difficult as average walk-in guests for the year are about 10%-14%, saying this we still encourage you to come if you cannot make a reservation online as we are always more than happy to direct you to another hostel close by.

We have been in the Lonely Planet now for about 2 years and another guest commented that we had put our prices up probably due to us being in the guide book. This is not true also, I too have used their guide books around the world and the prices are always different to what they say, I too have heard these comments before that once a business gets in their book they drop their standards and raise the prices. Lonely Planet writers visit business’s then the book usually comes out  a year later then by the time someone actually buys the book another year or two has passed with prices and information changing.  Some of our rooms are still the same price from when we first opened, others have a changed by a $1-$3 so not significant changes and these are due to us having low prices when the business first opened and the price of commodities etc. Lonely Planet did bring in extra business but only in the dorm  and for those 3 months that we are a little slower , with us being a small business the guide book would not have affected us that much, maybe more so if we were a larger hostel.

As for us dropping standards our reviews on 2 websites are still over 90% positive and we do have plans to upgrade the rooms again next year with us always painting and keeping  the property clean and in working order. Maybe other business’s do not want to continue putting in the effort to attract future guests and keep them happy during their stay but we do not want to be like those business’s.  For a business to stay succesful it must continue to be ahead of the game and look to improve where it can as well as listening to its guests.